Yachay Wasi Llapanchis: School for everyone


Ayaviri is located in the Andean Altiplano, a low-income farming province in Perú. In this area, there is a low standard of education as professionals do lack extensive know-how of education techniques. The situation is further exacerbated by weak emotional ties between children and parents in this community. The territorial partner is the Prelature of Ayaviri.


In the Parroquian San Francisco de Asis School, there is a diffused and weak education system that does not allow comprehensive educational management, creating learning difficulties among students.


We seek to contribute to the improvement of education and school management, strengthening competencies and skills among the various stakeholders (directors, teachers, students, and parents) in the community. The idea is to improve the teaching, learning, and development of life skills so that students can successfully overcome challenges in their environment, appreciate their cultural identity, and position themselves as actors of change in their society.


The students, teachers, and parents of the San Francisco de Asis school.

volunteers involved