Working for the inclusion of migrants in Northern Chile


Antofagasta, Chile has the highest per capita income in the country as its main economic source is mining. For this reason, there is a high migration rate. It is estimated that there are 57,000 foreigners and in 2015, they delivered at least 20,000 visas. However, they were not prepared for this huge influx which led to migrants being excluded in various ways. For a more inclusive society, our volunteers work alongside migrants so that they can successfully enter the workforce and have their rights respected. Our local partner is Servicio Jesuita Migrantes (SJM).


In Antofagasta, there are 37,048 foreigners and is the 2nd largest city of migrants in Chile (Census 2002). The city has changed its socio-cultural context and has consequently created positive coexistence between migrants, demonstrated by native stories, multicultural encounters, etc. However, there has also been an increase of violence, discrimination, racism, urban segregation, and stigmatization. So there is now an atmosphere of tension and hostility within this community. For this reason, the Servicio Jesuita Migrante (SJM) wants to improve and strengthen their work with more human resources.


Promote initiatives for migrants through legal advice; directly address cases of low, medium and high complexity, including violation of rights, and of employment in order to facilitate migrant integration into Chile’s labor market; linking migrants with companies or training them and their employers.


400 adult migrants in Antofagasta who are in SJM.

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