Supporting migrant employability


We have worked in conjunction with Servicio Jesuita Migrantes (SJM) since 2010 to support migrants in situations of social vulnerability. Today, through the program “Global Worker”, we aim to improve quality of life for hundreds of migrants through the acquisition of socio-occupational skills, working together with companies to sensitize the community to their challenges. Our regional partner in this project is Servicio Jesuita Migrantes (SJM).


Many migrants in Santiago, Chile, find themselves in a socially and occupationally vulnerable situation, the root of which lies in their legal situation and lack of knowledge about current labor laws. Both migrants in search of work and those already in the work force are exposed daily to situations that violate their basic rights and damage their dignity. Another factor that affects them is the lack of alliances between migrants looking for work and the companies that want to hire them, especially for those who are more vulnerable.


To help migrants out of this socially and occupationally vulnerable situation, we work in conjunction with this project, the volunteer professional, and our regional partner to provide tools to strengthen their socio-occupational capacities. We provide legal advice regarding their labor rights and preparation to enter the work force, and we facilitate alliances with companies that have a social vocation and understand the situation of migrants. We work with these companies through multicultural workshops and we support them in the process of inclusion and insertion of their new workers.


This project directly benefits about 330 migrants associated with Servicio Jesuitas Migrantes (SJM) and 8 companies that participate in the project. It also indirectly benefits close to 990 people who form part of the families of the migrants beneficiaries of this project.

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