Social integration for young people and adults in situation of intellectual disability


Cerro Navia is a district of Santiago, where 14.6% of the population lives in poverty and there is a high rate of people with disabilities (Casen 2006-2011). In the district, 37% of people with disabilities are home owners and 41.2% have jobs, in many cases informal ones and with low wages. 18% do not have any employment (SENADI, 2014).


29.2% of the population with disabilities over 15 years old has paid work in Chile. However, that figure decreases in cases of mental disability. In that scenario, only 12.7% work (Fonadis). This situation worsens in vulnerable communities because there is a higher concentration of disabled people within low-income families (CASEN 2006 and 2011). For this reason, the Fundación Cerro Navia has been working with people who have mild, moderate, and/or severe mental disabilities in the area for 15 years. However, they do not have enough staff to improve workshops and increase employment opportunities for the community.


Enhance social and work skills of young people according to their degree of disability; strengthen workshops; and implement strategies for employment.


80 people with disabilities and cognitive impairment between 18 and 64 years old and 10 monitors of the Fundación Cerro Navia Joven.

volunteers involved