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Estados Unidos

The Latin American Youth Center, located in Washington DC, offers different Educational and Recreational programs in its Teen Center. One of these is “The Zone,” a Tutoring Program that gives academic support to Latin American, African American and African students.


According to the Washington Post, “in Washington DC the official graduation rate is 58.3%, one of lowest in the nation. The graduation rate for black males in the system is an even more dismal 48%.” In this context, the Tutoring Program was created to give academic support to Latin American and African American youth through students from Georgetown University who serve as tutors for the kids.


America Solidaria’s work in the Teen Center coordinating the Tutoring Program is focused in three areas: Partnership: Review process and structure for the tutoring program, as well as developing a strong relationship with Georgetown University partners, tutors and youth. Logistics: Facilitate recruitment and registration of middle high school youth and evaluating student progress in the program. Coordinate logistics to do activities and workshops. Evaluation: Set up and maintain student enrollment and input attendance into evaluation system and analyze the effectiveness of the program through surveys.

The host organization has also given America Solidaria volunteer Lina Bocanegra the opportunity to develop her own jewelry program, which teaches youth different techniques to make their own accessories. At the same time, they learn design theory and methodologies of entrepreneurship. This program looks to improve creativity and inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset in the students, while also allowing them to have some fun.


The Tutoring Program has approximately 35-45 students with immigrant backgrounds, the majority of whom are Latinos, African-Americans and Africans.

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