“Rewriting my history”: Strengthening occupational skills and social integration


The Organización Pro Niñez Indefensa (Organization Pro Child Protection, OPNI) is a nonprofit founded in 1974 to work with female teens between 14 and 17 years old who live on the street in at-risk situations and have been users of psychoactive substances. Teens who participate in the program are in the protective care of the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, ICBF) and participate in its therapeutic program in one of its homes: Ricuarte, which provides emergency shelter, and Guasca – Cundinamarca, an evolutionary shelter they move to as they reestablish their rights.


The teens protected by OPNI come from the streets and at-risk situations, involving consumption of psychoactive substances from an early age, family violence, sexual and labor exploitation and exclusion from the formal educational system. As a result of these factors, these teens do not have the necessary tools to build their life project.


We work to strengthen occupational and personal skills of teens through an agro-industry workshop, facilitating their social inclusion and minimizing the risk of relapse back onto the streets and at-risk situations.


70 girls and teens and 20 guardians or family members.

volunteers involved