Rebuilding education in Haiti


The República de Chile school in Haiti welcomes hundreds of girls who are excited about learning. The 2010 earthquake destroyed its walls and the girls’ dreams escaped. With the support of various actors we have worked hard to channel these dreams into a new school that we are building. This project has become an unique example of international cooperation with multi-sector participation. You can follow and support this project here.


The earthquake had serious consequences for Haiti. The island has experienced great pain and even though it is lifting, there is still much to do. Although the República de Chile school had collapsed, the desire to learn and teach still remained. Classes continued in a makeshift location and the students kept on coming. However, this location did not provide the same infrastructure or educational materials as before. Therefore, the level of education being provided was inadequate and of poor quality.


We direct and manage a public private alliance for development. Participants include private companies, schools and the governments of Chile and Haiti. The alliance was formed to promote social issues and is making it possible for us to rebuild the República de Chile school. The commitment of all involved has been vital, particularly that of the school community and the students themselves. The project promotes public education in Haiti and hopes to create a model school for the region. The school is currently under construction.


The República de Chile school is home to 584 girls between the ages of 4 and 14, plus the teaching and administrative staff. All will benefit from this project.

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