Promoting digital literacy for a more inclusive society

Estados Unidos

América Solidaria is involved with digital literacy training that empowers communities to be active online participants. Carolina Tejada, América Solidaria’s volunteer in the United States, works with the Mozilla Foundation in New York. She helps with the design and implementation of digital literacy programs through Mozilla Clubs with the goal of maintaining an inclusive and open Web.


The Internet is an important tool for daily life given the rate of people online. Therefore, digital literacy is essential for people of all ages. Mozilla Clubs address this need by delivering digital training to communities with the goal of making the Internet accessible for all.


Mozilla Clubs run digital literacy programs that teach people how to read, write, and participate on the Web through an inclusive and engaging way. The main objective is to empower users to become “citizens of the Web.” They are taught to transition from being consumers to online creators and leaders. Working directly with communities, Mozilla Clubs promote participation and interaction through “learning through making.”

Our volunteer has recently been involved in developing a new model where future volunteers can apply and receive training as Club Captains or Regional Coordinators. They can then pass on their knowledge by training people and leading new Club chapters.

Carolina also presented the “Mozilla Clubs” model at Mozfest, Mozilla’s annual gathering for an open Web that creates a dynamic forum for interactive work and sharing.


We estimate that around 5,000 people benefit from this project that delivers digital knowledge and advocates for an inclusive and accessible Web for all.

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