Strengthening community development and entrepreneurship


In partnership with Habitat for Humanity, our volunteers lead workshops that enhance leadership skills, financial education, and community-led solutions in vulnerable neighborhoods.

In the neighborhood Los Ceibos (Gonzalez Catan, La Matanza, Province of Buenos Aires) and La Boca (Buenos Aires), we are supporting communities and promoting economic development that would allow adults and young people with low-income and/or socially vulnerable situations to raise their household income.


Community development allows families and neighbors to acquire the means to facilitate personal and environmental change. On the other hand, the lack of means to manage household finances hinders access to better opportunities.


The project aims to develop action steps to enhance the skills and competencies for community development, including technical advice, support, and networks with other organizations.


Residents of the neighborhoods Los Ceibos and La Boca who want to improve their environmental and living conditions.

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