Play, learn and talk with the children of Haiti


The project “Play, Learn, and Talk” has the institutional backing from the San Carlos Borromeo School, located in one of the most vulnerable areas in Port-au-Prince. Since 2011, we have worked together to develop an education project, teacher training, and awareness of good treatment of children.


The San Carlos Borromeo School serves at-risk children. During their developmental years, the students have been subject to learning methods based on punishment and authority. Traditionally, these methods have been positioned as passive means for self-development. Furthermore, scarce teaching resources do not easily permit another alternative. Low communication between the governing body and relatives shapes the school environment, characterized by severe coexisting problems.


We work towards strengthening institutional capacity at this school to improve students’ learning. To achieve this, we work directly with the teachers, administration, students, and relatives. With them, we develop workshops and group activities as well as individual support related to various areas of pedagogical administration and the inclusion of innovating methods, as much as in learning as in discipline.


723 children and 38 educators are benefitting from this project.

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