More nutritious foods for vulnerable communities


A large percentage of people who live in Bogota, Colombia lack access to food. The Bogota Food Bank has responded to this need by providing food to local organizations that then distribute the food directly to affected communities. It is imperative that this supply chain function without problems, which is why we are here offering support.
Our regional partner is: Banco Arquidiocesano de Alimentos de Bogotá


There are just over one million Colombians living in Bogota who do not have enough food to eat. This problem is prevalent among pre-school and school-aged children, reproductive-aged women and senior citizens. Meanwhile, a great deal of food is thrown away everyday without being made available to those who need it. The supply chain put in place by the Bogota Food Bank needs logistical help to ensure that food is delivered to those that need it.


The Bogota Food Bank needs smooth logistics processes to help feed thousands of people. Our support has helped streamline logistics processes and evaluation procedures, create business units, and strengthen the work done by volunteers.


Every year our presence helps close to 200 people from the Food Bank Foundation, university volunteers and the leaders of social organizations to streamline their food provision procedures. It has also contributed to the successful delivery of food to thousands of people who live in poverty and vulnerable situations.

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