Fighting cholera in Haiti


The earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010 not only left destruction and victims in its wake, but also created a health emergency that is still being fought today: cholera. We are helping to address this emergency through health and education initiatives aimed at preventing the spread of the disease.
Our regional partner is: Community Health Unit of Croix des Bouquets


Cholera has spread in Haiti due to poor sanitary conditions. The situation worsened following the 2010 earthquake because of a lack of access to clean drinking water. In rural areas the problem is even more severe as the water access points are either expensive, far away, or non-drinkable. Sanitation measures are scarce and reach only a small portion of the population, which means a lower quality of life.


Our project is being implemented within the Croix de Bouquets community, which is comprised of about 500 families. This area requires a great deal of help because of the difficulties in accessing fresh water, along with other concerns. This project helps find solutions for providing drinkable water to the more than 500 families. Another focus of the project is to provide better solutions for human waste disposal in order to limit sources of infectious diseases. We also support education and community organization initiatives that prevent infectious diseases.


We estimate that close to 2000 people directly benefit from this project.

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