Improving educational development through mentorship


Through mentorship and guidance, our volunteers work with children from vulnerable situations to develop self-esteem and personal development.

Child labor is a reality that threatens youth and adolescent development in the continent every day. In Guayaquil, Ecuador, we work with our territorial partner JUCONI to give more educational tools that enable families to better their quality of life.


Children and youth who perform hazardous child labor are exposed daily to situations that may violate their fundamental rights. The amount of hours that they are away from home prevents them from attending school. Those who attend are more likely to leave due to absenteeism and fatigue. Without the right tools and diagnostics, youth attending school may suffer cognitive problems that delay their educational development.


America Solidaria’s professional volunteers are working with JUCONI to develop educational tools for children, young workers, and their families. Through activities and strategies for customized accompaniment, we and the community seek that children gradually abandon activities that may affect their quality of life and integral development.


In this project, we work with 15 children, their families, and 20 JUCONI monitors. In addition, this project will benefit 135 children and youth currently in vulnerable work situations who are not in this pilot cohort.

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