Improving nutrition through family farms


America Solidaria is promoting the use of family farms in its fight to change the malnourished of childrens. Our regional partner in Honduras is: Fe y Alegria.


Children are malnourished. Even though many of them do not face a shortage of food, the lack of diversity in their diet prevents their nutritional needs from being met. This is due to poor nutritional habits and inadequate agricultural practices leading to scant diversity in their diet. Furthermore, there is a lack of knowledge surrounding the nutritional value of different foods and safe food handling practices. Another important factor is the community’s scarcity of financial resources and the tools to manage them.


The community needs to gain skills that will allow them to diversify their diet and manage their own scarce resources more effectively, thereby improving quality of life. At América Solidaria we are working together with the community to create 80 family farms and one community farm for their own consumption. The goal is for the community to be able to grow foods that ensure a highly nutritious and balanced diet and they can generate economic resources starting from their orchards. Training must also be provided in management, agricultural techniques, eating habits, etc.


Families who have been unable to improve their nutrition.

volunteers involved