Helping the survivors of gender-based violence through art therapy

Estados Unidos

The Latin American Youth Center, located in Washington DC offers multiple youth programs including the Healthy Relationships, in which women survivors of domestic violence accompanying and empowers youth as leaders in prevention of gender violence.


Gender-based violence affects many young people in the United States. A recent national survey regarding violence against women found that 49% of all women who report sexual abuse are between the ages of 12 and 24. Washington live this reality, particularly when Latina women are taken into account. Studies suggest that one in every six Latina women has reported sexual abuse. This study does not take into account, the many Latina women who are not reporting, some of whom because they lack access to resources due to their legal status. As a result, it is important to créate safe spaces of support and education for all women.


Through art therapy, a subset of the Healthy Relationships program, survivors of gender-based violence attend weekly workshops. Additionally, there are workshops with both young girls and young boys, regardless of if they are survivors of domestic violence or not, to come together and discuss ways to prevent gender-based violence. Finally, multiple campaigns and events focused on promoting effective solutions to gender-based violence are distributed to spread awareness of the issue.


The program has 34 direct beneficiaries. The teens and Young adults who participate are mostly female Latinas (in addition to a smaller percentage of African American women), all survivors of gender-based violence and/or young leaders interested in the topic. In addition, all of the Young people and workers who attend the LAYC are exposed to the prevalence of gender-based violence thanks to the awareness campaigns and events.

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