Overcoming Together, Overcoming Rehabilitation


In La Casa de Acogida Amigos de Jesús, youth with different capacities grow stronger through rehabilitation. Together we move forward through comprehensive interventions and therapies to achieve autonomy, personal development, and a better quality of life.


La Casa de Acogida Amigos de Jesús has augmented its capacities given the need to care for low-income youth with different capacities. Today, this necessity asks us to improve our comprehensive care to continue delivering tools and skills to achieve autonomy.


This project works with instructors and parents through workshops and intervention processes. Moreover, we have co-created tools that permit us to recognize the children’s realities more fully. We work alongside corporate volunteers from Falabella which contributes materials and infrastructure.


Through this project, 14 youths with different capabilities and 51 legal guardians and caretakers benefit.

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