The first steps to a comprehensive education for children


The Padre Hurtado Education Institute is located in Huechuraba where 12.6% of the population lives in poverty (Ministry of Social Development, 2014). This institute has childcare and kindergarten with too many students which prevents their emotional development and artistic skills.


The children who received preschool education has increased to 83% in the last two decades (CASEN, 2011). Several studies suggest that every dollar invested in this education returns $16 in addition to reducing dropout rates, developing productivity and promoting higher levels of social, emotional and intellectual skills (Schweihard, 2005). Still, one of the fundamental problems in Latin America is that schools are overstretched, preventing children from receiving a comprehensive education.


Educators positively and directly affect the personal, social and cultural development of children. Consequently, our volunteers strengthen teacher training as educators also encourage learning and cohabitation among students. Our training betters the quality of education for the children in Santiago by implementing a comprehensive education proposal that gives the tools and teaching practices that take into account critical learning and development stages.


81 children between 6 months and 6 years old who are studying in the Padre Hurtado Education Institute and teachers are also involved in the project.

volunteers involved