Education in El Dorado


Located on the outskirts of the city Las Piedras (Canelones, Uruguay), in the town of El Dorado, America Solidaria works with Fe y Alegría in San Adolfo School and the “Espacio Adolescente Juntos.”


In this area, 45% of the population completed primary education and 30% passed the basic cycle of secondary education. In 2013, this territory was declared one of the largest metropolitan areas of high social emergency by the Ministry of Social Development.

Additionally, there is a 56% literary risk among the students at the San Adolfo School (according to a study realized). They are mostly children from families with unsatisfied basic needs and low education levels in their homes. On the other hand, although 100% of adolescents continue studying secondary education, they have difficulties throughout their education, having certain indicators of underachievement, mainly in literacy and logical-mathematical reasoning.


America Solidaria’s professional volunteers support the Fe y Alegría organization and their educators by strengthening the reading and writing skills of children at the San Adolfo School and improve the learning quality of adolescents at Espacio Adolescente Juntos, who are attending to the Liceo 10 de Mayo and the UTU Vista Linda.


This project involved 228 students of the San Adolfo School, 90 teenagers of “Espacio Adolescente Juntos” and 19 educators who receive training and guidance on development tools and methodologies for working with children and teenagers from AS volunteers.

volunteers involved