Nutrition for life: Strengthening mother-infant attachment


La Fundación Banco Arquidiocesano de Alimentos de Bogotá was founded in 2001 with the purpose to improve nutrition among vulnerable populations in the capital, especially nursing mothers, children, and senior citizens. The Banco receives food donations from companies, warehouses, farmers, and individuals. Then the Banco identifies, stores, and distributes food in an effective and responsible manner to guarantee maximum outreach and impact.


The Foundation Banco Arquidiocesano de Alimentos de Bogotá has proven that young women in vulnerable situations have not had the chance to develop social-emotional skills that allows them to bond with their infants during gestation and pregnancy periods. This has negative consequences for adequate child development.


This project seeks to promote links between mother and child through trainings that strengthen maternal-infant care during early childhood.


50 mothers going through pregnancy or lactation. 100 children (0-2 years). 50 families.

volunteers involved