Accompanying the first steps in education


Loyola Foundation works in some of the poorest districts of Chile, providing quality education through preschools and day care centers to children in vulnerable situations. It has a high-quality educational model, but it has not been able to reconcile emotional development with academic development. We work together to attain a comprehensive educational model that gives children access to increased opportunities that improve their quality of life. Our regional partner in this project is Fe y Alegría, through the Loyola Foundation.


Loyola Foundation’s educational program seeks to help the children enrolled in its classrooms to enter the educational system with the best tools possible. However, this process has over-schooled learning acquisition at the expense of acquisition of knowledge and skills for communication, science and human relations, thus weakening the scope of a comprehensive education.


For children to improve their quality of life, Loyola Foundation must offer a comprehensive educational model that is commensurate with their life cycle. To achieve this, we work together to intervene in the quality, coverage and educational practices of its current model, in conjunction with teachers and administrators. We work towards a pedagogical implementation of the model that is attractive to both the educators and to the children’s families. Our aim is for the children to receive an education that promotes their learning and development as social beings, people and bearers of rights, and participants in their own formative process.


In this project, we work directly with 40 educators in the Loyola Foundation network centers in Chile’s metropolitan Region and the Region of Valparaiso. We directly benefit close to 600 children, between 6 months and 6 years of age, who are enrolled in the preschools and day care centers. In addition, we indirectly benefit around 650 family members related to the minors.

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