Safe spaces for children in Lima


Transforming the streets into welcoming places where children and youth can engage in sports is a proven way of keeping them away from drugs and gang activity. A soccer school is a perfect excuse for reinforcing the education received by children from El Agustino hill in Lima, Peru. This can be achieved through a series of workshops that help their parents become more involved in their education and overall development.
Our territorial partner is: Encuentros


School dropout rates and dangerous gangs are two major concerns for the El Agustino community in Lima. Girls and boys from this neighborhood don’t have many areas where they can safely play, or enough personal and/or educational role models to help protect them from threats.


We work with the Jesuit Network in Lima, offering advice on programs designed to create spaces for children and youth in El Agustino, such as child play centers. These areas complement formal education and can provide some of the affection that many do not find at home. Therefore, we provide psychopedagogical assistance to social programs for the purpose of improving their intervention model. We hope that this model can be replicated in other places where children’s rights to education are threatened.


The rooms and child centers can accommodate almost 180 children between the ages of 5 and 14 as well as 25 teachers and observers.

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