U.S. Ambassador to Chile, Michael Hammer, visits America Solidaria

Estados Unidos
On Monday, August 10th the U.S. Ambassador to Chile, Michael Hammer and the Counselor for Public Affairs at the U.S. Embassy, met with representatives of America Solidaria International, America Solidaria Chile, and America Solidaria U.S.

America Solidaria gave a warm welcome to U.S. Ambassador Hammer during his first visit to our headquarters in Santiago, Chile. Those participating in the meeting with the Ambassador included Rodrigo Jordan, President of the Board of Directors; Benito Baranda, Executive President; and Sebastián Zulueta, Executive Director, all from America Solidaria Internacional; Malena Simonetti, Executive Director of America Solidaria Chile; and Roberto Matus, Board Member and Sebastián Villarreal, Executive Director of America Solidaria US.

The group welcomed the ambassador and presented the work that America Solidaria has been conducting for the past 13 years as a foundation and its recent opening of the America Solidaria U.S. office based in Washington, DC in October 2014. The U.S. office was opened to provide professional volunteers from the United States the opportunity to join America Solidaria’s network of professionals in the region. At the same time, it has also provided opportunities for Latin American professionals interested in serving on projects in the United States that contribute to improving the quality of life for hundreds of children and youth in vulnerable, disadvantaged communities.

“The decision to develop a network in the United States has been an extremely satisfying process” said Benito Baranda from America Solidaria International.

The Executive Director of America Solidaria U.S., Sebastian Villarreal, commented on the culture of volunteerism in the United States as being reflected in the hundreds of applications that America Solidaria has received. “The culture of volunteerism and the strong sense of philanthropy among citizens and businesses in the United States, represents a tremendous support toward our goal of building a more fraternal and just continent,” he stated.

This visit represents a strong commitment and recognition for America Solidaria’s work concerning the integration of the continent under an innovative model for cooperation between countries of the Americas, where countries can both give as well as receive support.