Presenting our America Solidaria US international volunteers who will travel to Argentina, Haiti, and Guatemala

Estados Unidos
Pedro Pablo Gómez Gómez from Mexico, Vicente Valdelamar from Mexico, and Axel Palencia from Guatemala are the newest America Solidaria US volunteers who will travel to Latin America and the Caribbean to carry out six months to a year of volunteering starting in September 2016.

As an organization, we strongly believe that by working together we can break down the barriers that prevent people from achieving their full potential and that together as a community we can reach a higher standard of living for all. Three America Solidaria US volunteers will serve in important projects in Argentina, Haiti, and Guatemala with the purpose of improving the quality of life for some of the poorest and most excluded people in the Western Hemisphere.  

With pride we present our newest volunteers:

Axel Palencia is Guatemalan, with a degree in business administration from the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. He’s also an entrepreneur and active volunteer in educational projects. He will serve in Habitat for Humanity in Argentina, supporting a project to help families and neighbors acquire the tools to improve their lives and surrounding environment. He will be in charge of developing activities that will help people make the most of their skills and abilities to develop their community, including technical assessments and the creation of networks between institutions and organizations.

Vicente Valdelamar is from Puebla, Mexico and a psychologist from Universidad Autonoma de Puebla. He founded the Fundación Colores, which seeks to help a marginalized community near his home town. Vicente will serve in Port au Prince, Haiti in the rebuilt Escuela República de Chile recently opened by America Solidaria, which hosts around 700 girls. The challenge of this project is to support the school’s educational work to improve the quality of education for all students.

Pedro Pablo Gomez Gomez is Mexican and an ecological agronomist specializing in tropical areas from the Universidad Autónoma Chapingo. Bilingual in Tzeltal and Spanish, he has presented the results of his fieldwork in various spaces, including the World Forestry Congress. He will serve in our project with Habitat for Humanity in Macalajau, Guatemala, which seeks to improve the level of nutrition for the community by means of community gardens and nutrition education. Though it’s geared towards auto-sustainability for the community, the project has managed to produce a surplus to sell that also represents a source of income for the communities that cultivate the gardens.

We hope that this volunteering will enrich their lives and will continue to build in them the spirit of solidarity that we long to spread throughout the continent.