We launched a documentary about the reconstruction of the Escuela República de Chile, a school for girls in Haiti

The documentary is the record of the reconstruction of the Escuela República de Chile; this project was made possible by an innovative public-private partnership and has benefited about 500 girls in Port au Prince in Haiti.

The documentary “Una Escuela Llamada Chile” (A School Called Chile) was recently presented in Santiago. It represents the work done by América Solidaria Chile with the Chilean International Development Aid Agency (AGCID), private company Komatsu, and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Their joint effort was dedicated to reconstructing one of the schools destroyed by the earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010.

The launch of the documentary was attended by a number of important figures in Chile: President of the Republic of Chile, Michelle Bachelet; our Director and CEO, Benito Baranda; the Minister of Social Development, Marcos Barraza; and the Executive Director of the Chilean Agency for International Development Cooperation, Ricardo Herrera, among others.

“For us it was necessary to be there at that time and take charge of this project. But since in América Solidaria we never work alone, that was the key, because this project was only possible thanks to our collaborative model. Today, this documentary reflects in a deep way that many wills make a dream possible. And this makes us very happy and excited,” said Benito Baranda.

The Escuela República de Chile, located in the heart of Port au Prince, hosts around 500 girls in a sleek modern campus, which includes 3 buildings, 10 classrooms, offices, a staff room, nurse’s room, kitchen, library and computer room, all with earthquake-resistant design.

This project involved an investment of US $ 2.8 million and is the result of a collaborative effort in which students and teachers participated actively to make their dream school a reality. The construction also created employment in the area for local contractors, because we worked with a Haitian construction company.

However, the work in the Escuela República de Chile is not over. In the second stage of the project, the challenge is to support the educational work done there to improve students’ education. That’s why professional volunteers selected by America Solidaria US will join the project in the coming months.

Vicente pa HaitiVicente Valdelamar is from Puebla, Mexico and a psychologist from Universidad Autonoma de Puebla. He will serve in Port au Prince in Haiti in the Escuela República de Chile. The challenge of this project is to support the educational work to improve the education of all students.

You can watch the documentary here (Spanish version):

Documental “Una escuela llamada Chile”