Mexico joins America Solidaria’s network of professional fellows

Estados Unidos
Humberto Carlos Martinez is America Solidaria’s first professional fellow from Mexico. He has been selected by America Solidaria US, to work with Habitat for Humanity Argentina on a project to improve the household income of socially vulnerable children through an increase in certain work skills and competancies. This is how we will keep uniting our volunteers all across the continent!

Carlos graduated from the University of Baja California with a degree in Business Administration. His experience has allowed him to work with both companies and nonprofit institutions where he was able to acquire extensive knowledge about human relations. However, this experience was not the only thing that made him want to change America; he lived most of his life in the border city of Tijuana, and had the opportunity to work with immigrants from southern Mexico as well as Central and South America. According to Carlos, it was exactly experiences like these that allowed him to “become aware of how important it is to find solutions to problems that prevent people from finding better opportunities in their own communities.”

It is because of this belief that Carlos joined América Solidaria in search of a way to help people reach their maximum potential and open themselves up to a chance at a more just and dignified life. “There are many ways to help, but working from the heart with a dedicated organization, a creation of conscience on a continental level, improving local economies, and improving social justice at the same time will, ultimately, have much better results,” said Carlos, adding also the importance of improving our vision of the world through the meaningfulness of volunteerism.

As an organization we believe that every person has definite potential, but that many times it goes unnoticed, undiscovered, or the conditions surrounding it have simply required the development of more survival abilities rather than just living a just life. We know that many places in America are immersed in injustice and inequality, but we also know that by contributing with professional work from volunteers like Carlos, we can reduce those barriers, change paths, and reduce that thought that keeps us from being a more just society with those who are by our side.

Part of the job that Carlos will do is in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity Argentina, in Buenos Aires, where he will call people together to build houses, communities, and bring hope to believe that those barriers can be left behind. Habitat’s project offers something to families living in unacceptable conditions, “the opportunity to comprehensively manage a solution to their living problem, facilitating humane community development, strengthening resources already existing among families and groups that make up the local community”. Among the solutions proposed by this project are technical advice, loans and fair rents. It is just such a project that gives Carlos the hope he needs to continue with his job and take part in it. Like he says, Solidarity is ACTION. “I’m not showing solidarity if I can’t or won’t do something about a specific situation,” he affirmed.