Luncheon Event hosted by América Solidaria U.S. and the North American-Chilean Chamber of Commerce

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Beyond Philanthropy: Corporate Social Responsibility as a Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Thanks to the generosity of the North American Chilean Chamber of Commerce in NYC, April 28th Sebastián Zulueta, Director of América Solidaria Internacional, led the presentation “Beyond Philanthropy: Social Responsibility as a Partnership for Benefit.” The luncheon took place in NYC at the Hogan Lovells Offices, who opened their doors for important private sector representatives to attend the conversation.

“In America Solidaria, we’ve found that forming partnerships based on deep shared values and a strong purpose has allowed us to achieve remarkable, seemingly impossible results. The characteristics of such a partnership are: 1) co-construction of meaning, identifying an urgent goal that profoundly transforms reality; 2) creating spaces of shared governance; 3) the involvement of distinct organizational levels, from leaders to operational personnel; and 4) a focus on converting each person involved into an agent of change and transformation. This allows us to weather crises and makes projects sustainable because all actors are willing to make sacrifices and stake their limited resources on a project that deeply moves them. Despite changes that may take place in the regional social spending environment, solidarity remains a motor driving change for impoverished communities” said Sebastian Zulueta, referring to the importance of effective strategic alliances in our region.

The luncheon permitted an enriching dialogue among the attendees, affirming the importance of the involvement of wills to achieve a joint work in order to overcome poverty.

We especially thank Manuelita Cody, Director of the North American-Chilean Chamber of Commerce, who has continuously supported the work of América Solidaria.

The photo features some of the luncheon attendees:

Fernando Burgos, General Manager of Corpbanca in NYC, Felipe Valdés Vice President of Corpbanca in NYC, Mr. Francisco Lagos Field, Consul General of Chile in NYC; Rebecca Nelson; Pola Schijman, Senior Director, Special Events of the Council of the Americas; Mauricio Banchieri, Director of Pro-Chile in NYC; Manuelita Cody, Director of the North American-Chilean Chamber of Commerce in NYC, Emilio Cáceres and Sebastián Zulueta.