With a hopeful message, the former Prime Minister of Haiti opened up photographer Tomás Munita’s exhibition in Washington DC

Estados Unidos
This Thursday on November 6, with almost a hundred people in attendance, the Chilean Embassy in Washington DC, held the photo exposition for photographer Tomás Munita. The photo exhibit “HAITI, TIERRA DE ESPERANZA” was opened up by the former Prime Minister of Haiti, Gerard Latortue; the Chilean Ambassador to the White House, Juan Gabriel Valdés; and the Director for the Americas International Government Relations for Exxon Mobil and Board Member of América Solidaria US, Craig A. Kelly.

In the opening reception, the former Prime Minister highlighted the importance of the work that América Solidaria does in Haiti and stated that it is just the kind of technical cooperation that the country needs. “This is the real Haiti. The Haiti that you won’t see in the international press because every time they are talking about Haiti, they are talking about violence, but I can assure you, Haitians are not at all a violent people.”

These works account for the beauty and strength of Haiti, of a continent whose people need to look at themselves with more dignity and acknowledge that they are full of riches and capabilities.

Each photograph is a reflection on Haiti; its hopes, its aspirations, its dignity, its strength, its mountains, and invites us to look beyond the clouds.

Munita has won three World Press Photo awards and actively has his work published in The New York Times and Time magazine. Not even 40 yet, he is still the most internationally acclaimed Chilean photojournalist.

The Photo Exhibit was backed and supported by the Chilean Embassy in the United States