Strengthening community development and entrepreneurship in Buenos Aires


During this first year of working with our host organization, Habitat for Humanity Argentina, we found ourselves in the most vulnerable neighborhoods to work on a diagnosis in which the community itself described its main needs. Thus, we could define two important focuses to work on: strengthening community and developing human capacities that enhance the family economy.

Carlos Martinez, a professional volunteer from Mexico selected by America Solidaria US, tells us about the work done: “We asked the neighbors what they really want; from this arose the need for support and advice on their own projects and business entrepreneurship. Others were interested in developing initiatives for benefit of the community. For example, Maria Elena, a local resident of Los Ceibos, wants to activate a cooperative; our goal is to support her to have all the knowledge necessary to carry out this project. ”

Carlos, with Valeria Castro, a professional volunteer from Colombia, accompanied the community in this first phase of diagnosis through workshops seeking to enhance the skills of emerging leaders within the community, so they could transfer knowledge to empower their neighbors, and solutions to their problems may arise from the same community.

Florencia Iribarne, Coordinator of America Solidaria Argentina, explains the role played by these workshops for community development and how the project impacts the progress of each family: “It will seek to continue incentivizing them to be the neighbors who take responsibility to promote lines of financial education, workshops on savings, access to credit and leadership in the neighborhood. ”

At the same time, we worked on the implementation of workshops linked to economic education for housing, with special emphasis on saving and managing personal expenses. This area includes advising entrepreneurs of the neighborhood who want to improve their business at the administrative level, as well as those who want to access and/or improve their working conditions and those who seek access to educational opportunities.

The strategic planning of this project aims to continue assisting communities in the most excluded areas of Argentina, strengthening their capacities and financial opportunities, because we will not stop until we get a more equal continent.