Offices of América Solidaria met at the Second Continental Meeting

Estados Unidos
CEOs and board members of the various offices of América Solidaria on the continent worked together to set the guidelines that will guide the organization for the year 2015 in this continental meeting held in Santiago, Chile between the 16th and 20th of June.

Through different instances of reflection and joint work, the executive management and the boards of América Solidaria throughout the continent met at the Second Continental Meeting, which was held in Santiago from the 16th to the 20th of June.

“We work in different parts of the continent in the context of exclusion of children and young people, where the shortage of opportunities, social exclusion or material poverty exist”, said the CEO of América Solidaria Internacional, Benito Baranda. “Coming together to create and plan our strategies is an essential process in an international organization,” he added.

The purpose of this annual meeting is to work together to set the guidelines that will guide the organization for the next year, in the framework of a four-year planning process of personal, social and continental transformation.

“Being able to share and exchange different views about our continent and its challenges through joint work between the offices of América Solidaria of Chile, Colombia, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Uruguay and the United States is a unique space to advance in our work to transform an entire continent into a solidary America”, said Sebastián Villarreal, Executive Director of América Solidaria U.S.