America Solidaria Receives Distinguished Supporter Award in Global Service from Atlas Corps

Estados Unidos
An award for Global Service was bestowed upon America Solidaria U.S. during the farewell ceremony of the first group of professional volunteers in the United States. Through a partnership with Atlas Corps, volunteers worked for a year in the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) contributing to improvements in the quality of life of immigrant and at-risk youth in Washington, DC.

After a year of challenging moments, times of frustration and learning, but also times of profound satisfaction, Ángela Betancur of Colombia; Lucía Solorzano of Nicaragua; and Nicolás Torres of Chile, completed their fellowships as part of America Solidaria’s first cohort in the United States in partnership with Atlas Corps.

Without a doubt their perspectives and contributions will leave a lasting impact on hundreds of youth that participated in their programs. For America Solidaria their work represents the first set of solid examples of how regional cooperation and integration was first conceived of when the decision was made to expand operations from Latin America and the Caribbean into the United States.

“The work of this first group of professionals represents a great example and is a testimony to the award we receive today for Global Service,” stated Kellie Meiman, President of the U.S. Board of Directors. “We are thankful to Ángela, Lucía, and Nicolás for believing in this mission and together building a project for the Americas, as well as Atlas Corps for their support as a partner and for providing us with this recognition, which today we receive with much pride and joy.”

This however is only the beginning. In September, America Solidaria U.S. will be receiving four new professional volunteers including Lina Bocanegra and Carolina Tejada of Colombia, Niza Castañeda of Mexico, and Pablo Pereira de Matoss of Brazil. These volunteers will work in New York City, Austin, Texas, and Washington, DC in order to transform the Americas into a united and integrated continent.

We wish the best for those that will return to their respective countries and extend a warm welcome to those that are soon to arrive.