Latin American Ambassadors Express Support for America Solidaria

Estados Unidos
With the generous support of the Chilean Embassy in the United States, this past Wednesday, September 7th, we shared a breakfast with ambassadors from all over Latin America, during which we had the opportunity to explain who we are and discuss our mission and our projects in the region.

The Embassy of Chile continued to support the organization by hosting a successful event for ambassadors from Latin American countries. His Excellency Juan Gabriel Valdés, Ambassador of Chile, welcomed seven ambassadors from key countries for America Solidaria into his residence: His Excellency Carlos Sada, Ambassador of Mexico; Her Excellency Gladys Ruiz, Ambassador of Guatemala; His Excellency Francisco Borja, Ambassador of Ecuador; His Excellency Germán Rojas, Ambassador of Paraguay; His Excellency Juan Carlos Pinzón, Ambassador of Colombia; His Excellency Román Macaya, Ambassador of Costa Rica; and His Excellency Francisco Campell, Ambassador of Nicaragua.

At the event, Ambassador Valdés spoke about America Solidaria, saying that “the formation and organization of this group of young volunteers, that was able to grow with extraordinary faith, and the impressive ability they had to organize and connect with other like-minded people, is a great example of the best of our young people from the region.”

Later on, Alejandro Foxley, Executive Director at the World Bank for Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, spoke about America Solidaria’s history of forging connections with major private and public sector stakeholders.

Niza Castañeda, a professional volunteer and paralegal from Monterrey, México, spoke about her work helping young Latin American migrant children seek asylum in the United States with the organization Ayuda in Virgina, which advocates for migrants and offers legal, social and interpretation services to help them pursue a life free of violence.

Rebecca Nelson, the Executive Director of America Solidaria USA, spoke about how the organization works to break down the boundaries that limit international cooperation; “we recognize that all countries contain a wealth of expertise that could benefit all other countries. All countries, including the US, also face challenges that can only be overcome through cooperation. That’s why we bring Latin American volunteers to serve in the US.”