Developing Strategic Alliances in Washington, D.C.

Estados Unidos
Our work in the United States continues to take as a priority our ability to network with relevant actors in the country which focus on international development in Latin America and the Caribbean. We know that our work to end poverty in the region requires a strong capacity for forming strategic alliances that bring other factors of a globalized society to our attention.

Variables such as governance and citizen participation in the democratic process influence the challenges of poverty that we wish to confront. Also, since our presence in the U.S. is relatively new, we want to involve all stakeholders for where opportunities exist to expand our network and thus continue with the objective of creating a more just and united continent.

Executive Director, Sebastián Villarreal, with volunteers from the office, Tamara Arnold and Anders Beal, visited the International Republican Institute (IRI) to get to know their work in the region. IRI is an international non-profit organization that receives financial support from the U.S. Congress. We had the pleasure of meeting the Director of Latin America and the Caribbean, Mr. Stephen Johnson, as well as Deputy Director of the same division, Katya Rimkunas.

We discussed the work that America Solidaria conducts throughout the continent and the urgency that we have in forming links with different organizations not only in Washington, D.C., but also in the region itself, thus being able to identify opportunities for collaboration and financing of projects. Founded in 1983, IRI promotes democracy projects in countries of the region and throughout the world. As part of its work it has developed programs directed at youth in the Americas to participate in local government as well as civil society.

With more than 100 partnerships with non-profits in the region, we hope that this initial meeting can help us with our future goals in raising funds and developing new partnerships within the region. The condition in which our communities in the Americas live is a sole interest and we hope working together through new partnerships we can put an end to poverty. We know that it’s possible. Every day we recognize the challenges, but opportunities exist too. We will not stop until everyone in the Americas lives with dignity.

A united, integrated continent is possible!