Concausa: working towards sustainable development to overcome child poverty

Estados Unidos
“CONCAUSA”, an America Solidaria initiative in collaboration with ECLAC and UNICEF, invites young people from communities throughout the Americas to develop and share social innovation proposals related to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and 2030 Agenda.

CONCAUSA invites young people from the international network of America Solidaria partner institutions in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, United States, Haiti, Peru and Uruguay, to submit their proposals for sustainable development projects to overcome child poverty in our continent.

Young people (aged 15 to 17, in groups of four) can apply to attend the conference by submitting their proposals in audiovisual format to the ENCAUSA online platform; the top group will be chosen to represent the United States in a gathering of 15 groups total from the US and Latin America to be held in November in Santiago de Chile.

Various activities and workshops will be held during the week-long gathering to help the young people enhance their skills and improve their proposals.The closing activity for the gathering will be a “meeting of ideas” on Saturday, November 26 at the ECLAC building, where all the participants will present their proposals and then celebrate their diverse cultures with a carnival. The CONCAUSA platform will become a space for these young change-makers to continue networking and sharing their ideas

General Objective

Mobilize youth in the Americas to articulate proposals that will allow them to be the generation that ends child poverty in America.

Specific objectives

1. Jointly generate 15 proposals from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to break down the barriers that perpetuate poverty and exclusion in the Americas
2. Learn more about the following topics:
– The pressing needs in the continent
– The Sustainable Development Goals
– Clear guidelines for overcoming poverty
3. Create a youth network committed to overcoming child poverty in America.
4. Be aware that cultural change in the Americas can only be achieved through the comprehensive transformation of its people.

Expected results

– Create methodologies and dynamics that expand and disseminate the SDGs among youths.
– Work with youth to co-create a proposal to be presented to authorities and world leaders on how to address SDGs.
– Develop and strengthen participants’ transformative action and solidarity, so they will return to their communities as change makers and members of a network that helps them be promoters of change and mobilizers.


– The call for applications will be open to thousands of young men and women from seven countries in the Americas. To participate, groups of 4 eligible young people must submit their proposals for overcoming child poverty in the Americas online.

– The best proposals will be selected by popular vote as a way of spreading awareness on the SDGs. Sixty participants will be selected to attend the gathering in Santiago. However, everyone who submitted a proposal will be able to join the gathering virtually, through the technological platform.

Key Dates:

– 7/9: Call for applications
– 09/10: Application deadline
– 17/10: Selected proposal will be announced
– 20/11: Selected participants travel to Santiago de Chile
– 21/11 al 25/11: Gathering
– 26/11: Ideas Meeting – Presentation of proposals for the Americas
– March 2017: Launch: “15 proposals for the Americas”


Guidelines for Participation