CONCAUSA: Mobilizing Youth Across the Americas for a More Sustainable Future

Estados Unidos
If you're 15-17 years old and serving your community, apply now for a scholarship to participate in this forum in Santiago, Chile!


Human society stands at a critical crossroads. In the context of the greatest economic and technological development of our history, there are more than three billion people living in poverty, 385 million of which are children living in extreme poverty. On top of this, we live in a planet threatened by the exhaustion of its resources, climate change and mass migration.

To face these challenges, the United Nations has set up an ambitious, integrated action plan with the goal of achieving a just, sustainable future by 2030 through 17 shared goals for the whole of humanity: the Agenda for Sustainable Development. América Solidaria, Unicef and Eclac have joined forces to promote this agenda among today’s youth – the CONCAUSA Generation – since this is the generation who will have to live through this process and make the Agenda for Sustainable Development work. The CONCAUSA Generation will seek to eliminate poverty on the American continent and construct a regional movement to lead the whole of humanity towards a just, sustainable future. Through CONCAUSA we call on young people in different parts of the Americas, who are carrying out sustainable development projects in their communities, to share the contents of their projects and to meet other young people and learn about their initiatives. Proposals should be presented in videos, by teams of three young people aged 15 to 17, and uploaded to the CONCAUSA platform, in the CONCAUSA2017 section (This platform will be activated on the day when the site is opened for applications).

Of all the proposals presented, 15 will be selected to participate in the CONCAUSA Meeting to be held in Santiago, Chile, on November 20 – 25, 2017. During the week of the meeting, the young people will attend various activities and workshops in which they will increase their skills, acquire knowledge, and share their vision and the local situation in their communities. They will also participate in workshops where they will learn about the situation across the continent, acquire basic skills to continue leading their projects and share with young people from other countries, broadening their knowledge and their commitment to the continent. The week will end on Saturday, November 25, with an Ideas Meeting in which the young participants will present their proposals to their peers and representatives of América Solidaria and the United Nations, including ECLAC and UNICEF, in the Raúl Prebisch Hall, ECLAC’S main conference room.

This experience will enable the young people to act as protagonists in the search for concrete solutions in the fight against child poverty on our continent. Furthermore, both they and their projects will be strengthened, and they will continue in contact with a network of young people committed to solidarity.

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