Collaborating to Expand Opportunities for Intercultural Exchange: America Solidaria US and the Chile-US Chamber of Commerce

Estados Unidos
The Chilean General Consul and Trade Commission also expressed their ongoing support for América Solidaria US.

Board member Adriana Machado, founder Sebastián Villarreal, and executive director Rebecca Nelson met with the board of the Chile-US Chamber of Commerce to plan the next steps in creating opportunities for exchange between Latin America and the US. Both organizations seek to facilitate increased understanding and stronger relationships throughout the region as a means to creating prosperity and wellbeing for all who live in it, particularly vulnerable youths.

Back row, left to right: Sebastián Villarreal, founder of América Solidaria US; Sebastián Montero, North American director at Del Monte; Alejandro Jerez Jr., private wealth advisor with Lincoln Financial Advisors; Andre Doren, brand architect at AVD Communications; Luis Eduardo Salinas Ruiz, Chilean General Consul in Miami; Patricio Sepulveda, President of the Chile-US Chamber of Commerce; Luis Gormaz, vice president of BCI Miami; Ignacio Perez, senior sales manager at LAN Airlines.

Front row, left to right: Salome Bascuñan, attorney at Pathman Lewis; Rebecca Nelson, executive director of América Solidaria US; Cookie Gazitúa, Chair of the Arts & Culture committee of the Chile-US Chamber of Commerce; Adriana Machado, on sabbatical with General Electric; Carolina Matta, development director at Andromaco.





Luis Eduardo Salinas Ruiz, the Chilean General Consul in Miami, expressed his ongoing support for América Solidaria and our mission to promote cooperation within the Americas to overcome youth poverty.


According to Sacha Garafulic and Jaime Silva at the Chilean Trade Commission, América Solidaria is a novel Chilean export, a model of social intervention with great potential to transform the entire hemisphere.