Chilean President Michelle Bachelet welcomed new professional fellows from America Solidaria

Estados Unidos
After a two-week training session, volunteers from América Solidaria are preparing to leave for their yearlong volunteer positions in the Western Hemisphere. Before beginning to work on projects for child poverty, the volunteers met with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and some of her ministers at the Palacio de La Moneda.

There are 37 young adults from different nationalities who will spend a year working in the most excluded areas of the continent. President Michelle Bachelet welcomed them on Thursday March 19 to talk with them about the value of international cooperation within the country.

América Solidaria works on long-term development projects with professionals from around the continent that spend a year in the most excluded areas of the nation. These professionals are dispatched to their destinations twice a year and for the first time ever this milestone was held in La Moneda in Chile. This event was attended by President Bachelet, Minister Alvaro Elizalde (Ministry General Secretariat of Government), Minister Ximena Rincón (Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency), and representatives from the Chilean International Cooperation Agency (AGCI).

The young volunteers of America Solidaria come from several Latin American countries, and work in a country that is different from their own. For the foundation, a milestone like this is extremely significant: “We are pleased that for 12 years we have worked towards bringing profound social transformation that changes opinions regarding international cooperation, solidarity, and the need for justice. The fact that this group of volunteers was able to meet with the president, puts them into a category of ‘alternative ambassadors’ and highlights the role of youth in the continent today, “said Benito Baranda, president of America Solidaria Internacional.