Chilean President Michelle Bachelet recognizes América Solidaria’s first year in the U.S.

Estados Unidos
As part of the celebration of América Solidaria's one year anniversary in the United States, President Bachelet sent a special greeting to all those who have collaborated on the launch of the organization in the country.

Palacio de La Moneda, 5th of November 2015

Dear friends,

I would like to warmly send my regards to you all and extend, through these words, my congratulations for the celebration of América Solidaria’s first year in the United States.

I take great pride in this news, because since its launch in Chile thirteen years ago, América Solidaria, and the young professionals who comprise it, have been the greatest example of how collective effort and work can change the immediate reality of the communities who are most in need in our continent.

This, because it is not just about the main initiative of the volunteer work in the region, but also a concrete example of integration, is something that reminds us that there are no borders when it comes to helping the most vulnerable individuals.

I thank the commitment and dedication that you all work with each day in your volunteering and I invite you to continue tirelessly working for those who need it most, because as Cardinal Raúl Silva Henríquez noted: “The fight against misery is a task that no one should feel excluded from.”

With a fond embrace,
Michelle Bachelet Jeria

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