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Estados Unidos
Join America Solidaria’s dream of overcoming poverty and integrating the continent. Together we can create a key resource that reduces poverty and inequality in the region.

To date, Latin America is the most unequal region in the world.[1] However, through America Solidaria (AS), Professional Fellows can help create a collaborative effort to change the path. The effective volunteer engagement program aims to address the everyday concerns of people living in high levels of poverty and inequality throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

For that reason, America Solidaria partners with local organizations that develop targeted poverty and inequality reduction projects. These projects aim to promote more public, cooperative and community-based efforts towards meeting the social needs of underrepresented communities.

America Solidaria, founded and headquartered in Santiago-Chile, is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization, with offices in Bogota, Colombia; Port Au Prince, Haiti; Lima, Peru; and Washington DC, United States. Our mission is to build a cooperation among the Americas to strengthen local projects with professional volunteers in order to improve the quality of life for individuals living in poverty.

About the America Solidaria Fellowship Program?

America Solidaria (AS) partners with local organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean to examine and identify the main problems of the community in order to identify possible solutions. To achieve this, AS seeks Professional Fellows who are interested in increasing the awareness of grassroots development efforts in order to develop effective projects that aim to alleviate poverty and inequality with focus on health, education and economic development (generating employment and promoting entrepreneurship) to benefit children and youth.

Launched in 2002 and offered bi-annually, 375 Professional Fellows from different parts of the Americas have volunteered in an assortment of projects at host organizations. Professionals participate in rigorous community cross-cultural and technical skills with emphasis on grassroots organizing, community engagement, and leadership development. In addition, as part of AS program, Professionals will contribute to ongoing projects with additional Fellows from various parts of the Americas that address various issues in disadvantaged communities and build organizational capacity to help alleviate poverty.

The diversity found in educational levels, careers, work experience and skills sets of the Professional Fellows are as diverse as the projects of the host organizations and communities they serve. We work closely with partner organizations to identify prospective Fellows and strategically match the needs and interests of organizations to the skills and interests of our Fellows.

The Fellowship is a service-year program, which includes an out-of-country orientation that provides cross-cultural, technical, health and safety skills. With the belief that international communities are pioneers in personal and cultural transformation our Fellows will live alongside other Professional Fellows from participating countries in the communities they serve which ranges from small rural villages to large urban centers.

After completing their year of service, Professional Fellows return to their country of origin as global citizens, with leadership, cross-cultural understanding, leadership and technical skills that position them well for future professional opportunities.

Where are programs administered?

Professional Fellowship projects provide support to local organizations in the following countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Uruguay and the United States.

What is the basic eligibility criteria?

Applicants must be U.S. citizen or permanent resident

Applicants must be 35 years or younger

Applicants must possess a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Applicants must possess professional experience in the NGO/nonprofit/social or public sector

Applicants must live and serve in a foreign country

Applicants must demonstrate Spanish language ability*

Applicants must demonstrate leadership and collaborative skills

*Knowledge of French/Creole would be an asset for Haiti

What are the program benefits?

Travel to and from country of service

Visa Expenses

Placement at a “Host Organization”

Housing and monthly living stipend (this is adequate to support a modest lifestyle for one person based on the local cost of living)

Health Insurance

Alumni Americas Network

Out-of-country two week orientation that provides cross-cultural, technical, health, and safety skills.

Fellowship Terms and Condition

Fellows are expected to participate full-time during the service-year fellowship

Fellows may not incur any outside obligations, which might interfere with attending the orientation and other program activities

Fellows may not perform political or religious advocacy during the course of their fellowship

Fellows may not receive pay for serving in participating organizations during the course of their fellowship

Fellows may not hold any paid position that will interfere with their full participation in the fellowship program

Fellows are expected to conform to the same professional standards as paid staff members

Additional Note: If you’re married or engaged to be married, please keep in mind that América Solidaria will not sponsor visas for Fellow spouses or children. Also you must have to consider that our housing and monthly living stipend is adequate to support a modest lifestyle for ONE person based on the local cost of living.

Application cycle dates

Twice a year (March and September), the American Solidaria Professional Fellows program opens the application process to find a new cohort of talented individuals. While we consider applications on a rolling basis throughout the year, applicants are strongly encourage to apply as soon as possible in order to be considered for one of our two yearly fellowship programs.

Please note, If you are accepted to the program, there may be a quick turnaround time between your acceptance and the beginning of the program. Start dates are not flexible, and assuming your visa is approved, you must begin your project with the cohort to which you are accepted.

Selection Process and Timeline

April 01, 2014: Fellowship filing begins

June 02, 2014: Priority deadline for applications (close at 11:59pm EST)

June 02 – 13, 2014: Application review process begins

June 16, 2014: Up to three semi-finalist are selected for each volunteer position. All candidates are notified of their application status by email

June 16 – 27, 2014: Interviews with semi-finalist

June 27, 2014: Deadline for Letters of recommendation (close at 11:59pm EST)

July 7, 2014: Most final decisions made these weeks

August 11 – 22, 2014: Out-of-country orientation

August 2014: Volunteers’ first day at Host Organization

1.       Online Application and Resume: Fill out the application below and send your current resume to

Application Form:

2.       Letters of Recommendation: Only required for semi-finalists. All candidates will need two references to complete the America Solidaria recommendation form. You will be prompted in your application to enter the names and email addresses of your two references, and they will receive the form they need to fill out on your behalf (we will contact them only if you are semi-finalist). We recommend that at least one of the forms be completed by someone who has supervised or managed you in a professional capacity. The second may be from a professional or academic reference.

3.       Interviews: All semi-finalists are interviewed by America Solidaria U.S and America Solidaria Internacional Staff: Personal – Technical and Spanish Interview. Skype or phone interviews can be arranged.

4.       Review Process: Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee including America Solidaria U.S. and America Solidaria Internacional staff.

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[1] Source: UNDP in Latin America and the Caribbean, available at: