Announcing the September 2017 class of America Solidaria U.S. fellows!

Estados Unidos
Four fellows from Latin America will serve for a year in D.C., Detroit, Chicago, and San Francisco

Twice a year, America Solidaria selects international service fellows to serve for a year in the countries of the Americas, including the U.S. This class includes four professionals from three countries who have committed to advancing the rights of children and marginalized people, overcoming exclusion and poverty, and building capacity in organizations working at the grassroots level.


Alexandra Jiménez will be bringing her expertise in organizational development to Southwest Solutions in Detroit, Michigan.

Carlos Rivera will be carrying out strategic communications for Bread for the City in Washington, D.C.

Lourdes Zapata will be doing project management and organizational strategizing for Heartland Alliance in Chicago, Illinois.

Luigi Barraza will bring his background in the arts to the Mission Preparatory School in San Francisco, California.

Our international service fellows serve in the U.S. through our strategic partnership with Atlas Corps, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing formative experiences to the next generation of global social sector leaders.

We’re so honored to have them and we wish them the very best of luck during the coming year!