Announcing the March 2017 Class of Professional Fellows Who Will Serve in Latin America

Estados Unidos
Twelve professionals will spend a year of their lives serving outside their home countries to support community empowerment

As an organization, we strongly believe that by working together we can break down the barriers that prevent people from achieving their full potential and that together as a community we can reach a higher standard of living for all. We’re pleased to announce that twelve America Solidaria US fellows will serve in important projects in Chile, Guatemala, and Colombia with the purpose of improving the quality of life for some of the poorest and most excluded people in the Western Hemisphere.

With pride we present our newest professional fellows who are dedicating a year of their lives to help community organizations build capacity:

Ana Rocio Castillo

Ana Rocio Castillo, a Kindergarten Teacher from Honduras, will be working with low income children at Fundacion San Jose in Chile. Ana will work alongside local professionals to provide direct care and support for young children to promote comprehensive development.

Cristina Trejos

Cristina Trejos, a Clinical Psychologist from Costa Rica will be working with children and adolescents at Misiones de la Costa in Osorno, Chile, who lack family and parental support. Cristina will provide direct care for youth in vulnerable situations by creating a safe space for these individuals to develop their social skills and support networks.

Melissa Chan

Melissa Chan is a Social Psychologist from Costa Rica. She will be volunteering at Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes in Chile. Her work will promote human rights for immigrant families in Chile by helping them gain access to necessary legal services, job skills training, and placements with companies that have agreed to provide jobs for immigrants.

Montserrath Carrasco

Montserrath Carrasco is an Occupational Therapist from Mexico. This year, she will be working with Edudown Chile, an organization that provides free services to children with Down Syndrome. Montserrath will be working with these children to promote development and empower them to lead more independent lives.

Raissa Almira

Raissa D. Almira, an Educational Psychologist from Guatemala, has dedicated her time to working with children in a poor sector of Santiago, Chile with La Escuela Casa Azul. Raissa will work with these children to create a learning environment that is conducive to holistic childhood development.

Selene Roa

Selene Roa is a Social Worker from Mexico, and she will work with Asociación de Padres y Amigos de los Autistas in Santiago, Chile. Her work will empower youth with autism and their families by supporting the development of independent life and employment skills.

Esteban Vargas

Esteban Vargas is a Business Administrator from Costa Rica. This year, he will use his entrepreneurial skills to empower young women in the workforce with Organizacion Pro-Ninez Indefensa in Guasca, Colombia. This project will help these women build self-esteem by providing hands on business experience and job skills.

Francisco Vazques

Francisco Vazquez is a Nutritionist from Mexico. He will volunteer with Fundación de Atención a la Niñez in Medellin, Colombia. His work will support local children in need of nutritional assistance by correcting and strengthen eating habits to sustain a healthy life in terms of the child’s physical, emotional and mental health.

Andrea Alvarez

Andrea Alvarez is a Psychologist from Mexico. She has dedicated her time to working with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala to provide support to underserved families in Guatemala. Andrea’s work on the subsistence farming project will  empower these families to become part of a self-sustaining community.

Rafael Gomez

Rafael Gomez, a Medical Surgeon from Mexico, will work with Habitat For Humanity in Guatemala on a subsistence farming project. He will assist families in poor and malnourished communities in order to improve their quality of life.

Yessica Reyna

Yessica Reyna, an Agronomist from Mexico, will be working with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala. Yessica will work on the on the subsistence farming project at Canaque, Guatemala, implementing innovative sustainable food production and water distribution practices to benefit families in need.

Rubi Torres

Rubi Torres is an Educational Psychologist from Mexico. She will apply her professional experience in Peru to support vulnerable, low income children at Institución Educativa mi Nuevo Perú. 

We hope that this volunteering will enrich their lives and will continue to build in them the spirit of solidarity that we long to spread throughout the continent.