América Solidaria joins the IV Young Americas Forum 2015

Estados Unidos
Last January 18th and 19th, in an unprecedented event, the entire network of volunteer professionals from América Solidaria in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Haiti, Peru, and the United States joined the space for reflection created by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) in Washington, DC. During this event, representatives discuss and propose measures prior to the Young Americas Forum—an official event of the 7th Summit of the Americas, where all the representatives from the region will meet next April under the theme “Prosperity with Equity: The Challenge of Cooperation in the Americas”.

With the objective of supporting youth development in the Americas, and as a result of a cooperation agreement signed by América Solidaria and the YABT, virtual dialogues were developed in which the volunteer professionals from América Solidaria who are deployed throughout the continent could exchange opinions, experiences, and conclusions related to regional problems and challenges in the areas of education and health.

Marisol Ortiz, a volunteer working on education issues in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, explained how the Haitian state invests less than 3% of its GDP on education compared to Chile – the most economically advanced country in the Southern Cone– which spends more than 5% of its GDP.

In relation to the topic of health, Nicolás Torres, a volunteer stationed in Washington, DC, commented that in spite of the fact that the United States is the world’s leading economy, appearances can be deceiving. In the United States, problems of drug abuse and harmful substances, as well as malnutrition and obesity still significantly affect the African American and Latino populations.

The main ideas and conclusions of both dialogues will be considered in the declaration proposal for the next Young Americas Forum 2015—which is the hemispheric platform and official channel for making recommendations, suggestions, and actions to the representatives of the Americas—, thereby contributing to the meaning of the priorities and mandates of the Summits.

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