Welcome to América Solidaria

In America Solidaria we seek a region where there are no children living in poverty. We mobilize a network of fellows working together with communities to overcome childhood poverty in the Americas.
We work on 5 main issues: 
  • Hunger, malnutrition and lack of clean water
  • Precarity of family income
  • Reducing societal violence: beating, bullying, and conflict
  • Illiteracy, school expulsion, and educational precarity
  • Lack of access to heath services and basic sanitation

It is our hope that solidarity will spread across the globe. We want to promote stronger cooperation between countries in order to create a more equitable hemisphere.

We break down barriers by learning about and experiencing other realities beyond our borders.

We will not stop until every person in the Americas is happy and living with dignity.

We have been working shoulder-to-shoulder for 15 years with the underprivileged and we will continue our efforts until poverty no longer exists.